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The Healthy Mind Movement wishes to promote mental

wellness and self-growth through evidence-based

information and community immersion.

Our Mission

What is The Healthy Mind Movement?

The Healthy Mind Movement is a concept born from the idea that everyone deserves the knowledge to obtain a “healthy mind”. Mental health struggles do not discriminate, and we ALL need help and support once in a while. But despite its widespread prevalence, mental health continues to be one the most stigmatized and neglected areas of public health. There is an unfortunate lack of education and support services for mental health care. Taking the information that so many people do not have access to and making it readily accessible, is our aim.


The Healthy Mind Movement aims to provide evidence-based information that offers hope, healing, and growth. Through seminars, workshops, events, and social media interaction, we educate the community on difficult topics in a way that is easy to digest. We want for others to feel empowered to want to make long lasting changes in their lives while still embracing their differences, imperfections, and uniqueness.


Let’s be the generation that ends mental health stigma and become the generation that offers support, understanding, and the integration of mental health services into primary health care. In the quest of holistic wellness, The Healthy Mind Movement invites you to join the movement.

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